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Social Innovation Award

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Call for logo design, the first social innovation award event, along with valuable prizes. The deadline for submitting works is July 20, 1402. For more information, visit the official social innovation award website or Zefa official information technology website

Social innovation is that part of innovation that thinks more about creating positive social effects than economic profitability. For the purposeful development of social innovations in the country, we must strengthen the ecosystem of social innovation and support the main elements of the ecosystem from the idea generation stage to market expansion. The result of this thinking is the social innovation award, which tries to become a platform for the development of Iran’s social innovation ecosystem, to help innovators, technologists and entrepreneurs in the path of progress and development of the society as much as possible and to increase the influence of the people in the field of innovation. Their social activities helped. The social innovation award will be a way to help create and evaluate the positive social effects of businesses, products, services and social innovative ecosystems of the country.

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(Avoid repetitive elements such as lamps and rockets)

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