Frequently Asked Questions


On what days and where is the social innovation award held

By the grace of God, in June 1402, the conference hall for broadcasting will be held. The exact date will be announced later.

What are the working hours of the event secretariat

The secretariat is open on working days from 8 am to 5 pm.

How are award winners determined

Determining the chosen ones will be done based on the criteria and precise indicators of social impact assessment and with the collective opinion method of the people of the social innovation ecosystem.

Is the event open to the public

Yes, the event is open to the public

Who can be nominated for this award

All the people who in some way have started to produce products, provide services, develop business or strengthen the capabilities of social activists in carrying out their activities with innovative approaches

How can I follow the latest event news

You can find out about the latest news of the event on social networks such as Telegram and Aparat, as well as the award site. Also, these networks are a good place to contact the secretariat of the event

How can I view photos and videos of the event

You can see photos and videos from different periods of the event by visiting the award site in the gallery and cameras section

In what categories does the social innovation award nominate activities

It nominates activities in the categories that include: Social Innovation Ecosystem Award, Social Innovative Business Award, Social Innovative Product Award and Social Innovative Service Award

What are the pillars of the social innovation award

The focus of the social innovation award includes: prisoners and their families, women and children, the disabled, social tourism, charities and non-governmental organizations, food security, population, addiction and the fight against drugs

Will the social innovation award be awarded to individuals or organizations?

None! The social innovation award will be given to activities, projects or tangible and intangible achievements that have been able to create an acceptable social impact

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