نوآوری اجتماعی در آفریقا

Social Innovation in Africa

February 4, 2024
In Africa, social innovation primarily focuses on facilitating the lives of the poor, disadvantaged, or marginalized. The goal of this ...Read more
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Social Innovation in Quebec

January 30, 2024
Rebellion of the 1980s In 1986, CRISES was founded as a response to the massive economic and social crisis in ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در کلمبیا

Navigating Colombia’s Turbulent Past with Social Innovation

January 25, 2024
Over the past few decades, Colombia has worked hard to shake off its unpopular reputation from the 1980s and 1990s, ...Read more
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Social Innovation in Chile

January 20, 2024
According to the United Nations Human Development Index, Chile is considered the most advanced country in Latin America. This country, ...Read more
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Expansion of Social Innovation in Brazil

January 15, 2024
Brazil faces many challenges, including unequal treatment, inefficient use of public resources, and lack of access to basic services such ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در آمریکای لاتین و کارائیب

Social Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean

January 10, 2024
In Latin America and the Caribbean, people in societies are working together to come up with new ideas to solve ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در روسیه

Social Innovation in Russia

January 5, 2024
Social innovation is a relatively new concept in Russia. Despite the need felt by the government and people for new ...Read more
برگزاری اولین جلسه همیاران دانشگاه رقابت دانشجویی نوآوری اجتماعی

The first session of the university’s student social innovation competition supporters

January 3, 2024
With the aim of increasing student participation, the first session of university mentors for the competition in social innovation among ...Read more
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Social Innovation in Turkey

December 31, 2023
In this article, we discuss the emergence of social innovation in Turkey and explore the creative ideas of Turks in ...Read more
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Establishing an Ecosystem for Social Innovation in Western Balkan Countries

December 26, 2023
In Western Balkan countries, governments are recognized as the main stakeholders in solving social issues such as health, education, unemployment ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در شرق اروپا

Social Innovation – An Emerging Concept in Eastern Europe

December 21, 2023
The discussion of social innovation in Eastern Europe has recently started and it means creating new and useful ideas in ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در کشور باسک

Social Innovation in the Basque Country

December 16, 2023
Many know the Basque Country for its beautiful landscapes, delicious food and rich culture, but not everyone knows how the ...Read more
آشنایی با نوآوری اجتماعی در ایتالیا

Introduction to Social Innovation in Italy

December 11, 2023
Italy is facing continuous economic and social problems and it is becoming more difficult for this country to deal with ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در کشورهای نوردیک

Social Innovation in Nordic Countries

December 6, 2023
The Nordic region, comprising the countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, is often considered a marginal point characterized ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در هلند

Social Innovation in the Netherlands

December 1, 2023
In the past, solving social problems in the Netherlands was often done by the government and public organizations using a ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در آلمان – احیای یک مفهوم برجسته

Social Innovation in Germany – Reviving a Prominent Concept

November 26, 2023
Throughout history, Germany has excelled in inventing new ideas, not just in technology, but in various other areas as well. ...Read more
منظر کارآفرینی اجتماعی در انگلستان

Social Entrepreneurship Landscape in England

November 21, 2023
In the UK, a dynamic and well-developed social innovation (SI) system has contributed to the rapid development of social innovation, ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در اروپای غربی

Social Innovation in Western Europe

November 16, 2023
Collaboration and communication are fundamental in the process of social innovation. Policies that promote the development of social innovation ecosystems ...Read more
ارتباط نوآوری اجتماعی و تغییر اجتماعی

The Relationship between Social Innovation and Social Change

November 11, 2023
How do theories of social action contribute to a better understanding of processes of social change and why should we ...Read more

Foundations of Constructing the Pattern of Social Innovation

November 6, 2023
So far, thoughts to distinguish between different types of social innovation have been only occasional attempts by European projects. In ...Read more

Social Innovation Processes

November 1, 2023
In this article, we examine that the dynamics of the social innovation process depends on the mode and intensity of ...Read more

Diverse Roles of Social Innovation Actors

October 27, 2023
This article examines the different types and roles of social innovation activists. In this study, we will also look at ...Read more
منابع، محدودیت‌ها و توانایی‌های نوآوری اجتماعی

Resources, Limitations, and Capacities of Social Innovation

October 12, 2023
If social innovations are to succeed, they need sufficient resources, they must deal with a whole set of constraints, and ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی در پاسخ به نیازها و چالش‌های اجتماعی

Social Innovation in Response to Social Needs and Challenges

October 7, 2023
Social innovations address social needs and manage societal challenges. However, many social needs, in reality, go back to the social, ...Read more
از طراحی اجتماعی تا طراحی برای نوآوری اجتماعی

From Social Design to Design for Social Innovation

October 2, 2023
The evolution of social design Design has a long tradition with multiple connections to society. A recent report from the ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی فعال به کمک فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات

Active Social Innovation through Information and Communication Technology (IESI)

September 27, 2023
First of all, we should familiarize ourselves with this definition of active social innovation with the help of information and ...Read more
جنسیت و تنوع به عنوان مضامین متقاطع نوآوری اجتماعی

Gender and Diversity as Intersecting Themes in Social Innovation

September 21, 2023
Key to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is adherence to human rights and fairness. While definitions of diversity are often ...Read more
نوآوری در محل کار به عنوان یک رانشگر مهم در نوآوری اجتماعی

Workplace innovation as an important driver of social innovation

September 16, 2023
Innovation at work Workplace innovation (abbreviated as WPI) has two concepts: the innovation process and the innovation issue. The WPI ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی به عنوان یک فرصت و چالش برای مؤسسات آموزش عالی

Social innovation as an opportunity and challenge for higher education institutions

September 11, 2023
About the unknown potential of the university in the field of social innovation Social innovations often develop at the intersection ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی تحول آفرین و طبیعت چندعاملی آن

Transformative social innovation and its multifactorial nature

September 6, 2023
Transformative social innovation and its multifactorial nature Discussions about social innovation – both in academic fields and in the general ...Read more
تداخل بین نوآوری اجتماعی و پایداری در پروژه‌های FP7

Interplay between social innovation and sustainability in FP7 projects

September 1, 2023
Interplay between social innovation and sustainability in CASI and other FP7 projects Limitation and global environmental and social challenges lead ...Read more
نقش نوآوری اجتماعی در حمایت از توسعه پایدار

The Role of Social Innovation in Supporting Sustainable Development

August 27, 2023
The role of social innovation in supporting sustainable development Although the principles and methods of social innovation have been used ...Read more
نشست خبری و آئین فراخوان جایزه نوآوری اجتماعی (جانا)

Press conference and social innovation award ceremony (JANA)

August 23, 2023
Social innovation award for solving social problems Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Khayatian, Chairman of the Policy Council of the First Social ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی و رویکرد توانایی‌محور

Social Innovation and Ability-Oriented Approach

August 21, 2023
Social innovation and ability-oriented approach The capability-based approach, an effective development in ethics, provides a way to consider justice and ...Read more
این متن به ارتباط نوآوری‌های اجتماعی با اقتصاد و اجتماع، اهمیت محیط محوری، و تأثیر تعامل اجزا و اصول در تحقق این نوآوری‌ها می‌پردازد.

Economic Foundations of Social Innovation

August 16, 2023
Economic foundations of social innovation The combination of social innovations with growth and evolution will only reach the extent that ...Read more
مفهوم کارآفرینی اجتماعی

The concept of social entrepreneurship

August 6, 2023
The concept of social entrepreneurship Have you ever wondered how the world can deal with complex issues that affect us ...Read more
ایده‌آل‌های اجتماعی و توسعه‌ اقلیمی

Social ideals and climate development

August 1, 2023
Social ideals and climate development In the 1980s, in Europe and Canada, the ideas of social innovation were rediscovered as ...Read more
نوآوری اجتماعی و سازگاری جوامع

Social innovation and adaptation of societies

July 27, 2023
Social innovation and adaptation of societies In 1972, Banker Roy and a small group of colleagues founded a college in ...Read more
درک مشترکی از نوآوری اجتماعی

A shared understanding of social innovation

July 21, 2023
A shared understanding of social innovation Developing a strong, theory-based conceptualization is an important challenge in order to explore the ...Read more
درآمدی بر عصر جدید نوآوری‌های اجتماعی

An introduction to the new era of social innovations

July 16, 2023
An introduction to the new era of social innovations The importance of social innovation to effectively address the social, economic, ...Read more
اعضای جدید هیات عامل صندوق نوآوری و شکوفایی منصوب شدند

New members of the Board of Directors of Innovation and Prosperity Fund were appointed

May 2, 2023
According to the Public Relations of the Innovation and Social Award, Dr. Mustafa Zamaniyan and Dr. Mostafa Ghanei are members ...Read more
جایزه نوآوری اجتماعی ساز و کاری برای شناسایی نخبگان

Social Innovation Award is a mechanism to identify elites

April 19, 2023
Recognition of elites in social innovation award The head of the Biotechnology Development Staff of the Vice President for Science ...Read more
جایزه تک کار کردی نیست

The prize is not a one-time job

April 19, 2023
gifting a showcase award to introduce the winners to the references The head of the Foundation for Social Excellence of ...Read more
از اولویت‌های فناوری نرم برگزاری جایزه نوآوری اجتماعی است

One of the priorities of soft technology is holding the social innovation award

April 19, 2023
Social Innovation Award is one of the soft technology priorities The first meeting of the Policy Council of the Social ...Read more

The first meeting of the Policy Council of the Social Innovation Award was held

April 18, 2023
The meeting of the Policy Council of the Social Innovation Award was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Sadeq ...Read more
رئیس جمهور دکتر خیاطیان را به ریاست صندوق نوآوری و شکوفایی منصوب کرد

The president appointed Dr. Khayatian as the head of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund

April 17, 2023
Dr. Khayatian was appointed as the head of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund The President, according to the approval of ...Read more

Dr. Khayatian became the head of the Policy Council of the Social Innovation Award

February 15, 2023
In the first social innovation award planning session, Dr. Mohammad Sadeq Khayatian Yazdi was elected as the head of the ...Read more
جایزه نوآوری اجتماعی آغاز به کار کرد

The social innovation award was launched

February 9, 2023
Social Innovation Award launched The social innovation award event started with the approach of creating a platform for people who ...Read more