The first session of the university’s student social innovation competition supporters

برگزاری اولین جلسه همیاران دانشگاه رقابت دانشجویی نوآوری اجتماعی

برگزاری اولین جلسه همیاران دانشگاه رقابت دانشجویی نوآوری اجتماعی

With the aim of increasing student participation, the first session of university mentors for the competition in social innovation among students was held.

According to the public relations report of the Social Innovation Student Competition, the first session of university mentors for this competition took place on the 19th of Azar at the Excellence in Life Foundation, with the participation of active students from various universities to clarify the objectives of the first round of the Social Innovation Student Competition.

It is worth mentioning that this session, held with the goal of better informing and increasing the participation of active student bodies in scientific associations, entrepreneurship centers, growth centers, etc., was attended by participants from 8 universities, including Tehran, Science and Industry, Sharif University of Technology, Khaje Nasir al-Din Tusi, Science and Research Unit, Science and Culture, Rajaee, and Allameh Tabataba’i.

It should be noted that this student competition aims to establish mentor councils in the mother universities and provincial centers across the country to provide a platform for the participation and submission of innovative proposals by students from different provinces.

According to this report, the first Social Innovation Student Competition intends to promote the discourse of social innovation within the student body alongside evaluating innovative proposals by the student body in the country and selecting winners in four areas: social entrepreneurship, policy proposals, social services, and innovative products.

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